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Innovation Strategy Development

As an enabler of innovation, we support your business by providing the training and tools to enable your organization build a culture of innovation. Whether your organization is developing new products or services, or improving internal processes, a systems approach to innovation is the most effective way to build sustainable results. We’ll help you get there. We do these through a broad range of services across the following competencies for (organizations and individuals):
Innovation Projects – Project management support to accelerate creation and development of new products, services and systems.
Innovation & Creativity Development – Capacity building for embedding a culture of innovation through our suite of training programs offered by the Innov8ion Academy
Innovation Performance Analytics – We offer Innovation capability assessments (for organizations & Individuals). You can access a free assessment here

Management Consulting

Our proven tools have helped several organizations be more effective, efficient and successful. We look forward to helping your organization ignite its success by providing high quality management and strategic consulting services. The following are our areas of consulting experience:
Organizational Development (OD) – We support our clients to implement diagnostic tools and processes that enable them become more efficient in achieving desired goals. The focus of our of OD interventions is to enhance your productivity, performance or behaviors via a set of organized individual and team activities.
Strategy and Change Management – Our hands-on analysis of the process of managing change in a structured, thoughtful way has helped our clients to meet organizational goals, objectives, and missions.
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Corporate Governance – Our corporate governance portfolio includes delivery of Board Effectiveness and Leadership Training for the members of your Board of Directors. This 4-module program is designed to provide member of a corporate board with the essential knowledge required by any director. The program examines key issues such as leadership and governance, interpretation and applications of financial data and the employment of strategic management tools to enhance business performance.
Political Economy Analysis – Our Development consulting services expertise offer Political economy analysis (PEA) to situate development interventions within an understanding of the prevailing political and economic processes in society – specifically, the incentives, relationships, and distribution and contestation of power between different groups and individuals. We bring high-level country-specific development experience to our clients in the various human development sectors. Our consultants cover topics such as health, education, resilience and governance effectiveness.
Due Diligence Assessments – We offer skilled compliance consultants to your projects. Our grants and project management portfolio is quite adept at developing and implementing organizational capacity assessments metrics. Our service covers the scope of financial, reputational and human resources evaluations to help you determine the capacity of prospective partners and proffer appropriate risk management advice to our clients.

Leadership Competency Development

We help you align leaders and teams towards your corporate purpose and goals, because this is the bedrock of true innovation and transformation. Our leadership coaching system supports leaders and leadership teams to accelerate innovation and business performance. Our range of tools and reflective experiences provide leaders with the right kinds of motivation to lead more effectively for results. We offer bespoke services in the following leadership domains.
Organizational Leadership – Leadership team and their effectiveness have significant impact on organizations, and this is why we offer a Strategic Leadership Workshop to organizational leaders and leadership teams. It is a capacity building session structured for reflective learning in order to strengthen leadership effectiveness for achieving a clearer sense of leadership purpose and increased trust within the leadership team.
Leadership Competency development – We offer bespoke Executive Coaching sessions for organizational leaders. You can request a free diagnostic and personal interview with our executive coaches by completing the contact form.

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